Creating a pidgin news website for a Nigerian audience.


Creating a news website is not a mean feat at all, until English becomes pidgin, and your target audience becomes the largest country in Africa and the seventh largest in the world.

But, here at Dimgba, we love challenges.

Project brief

The customer called us to design him a pidgin news website to enable him harness the ‘young-and-trendy’ as well as the ‘not-so-schooled’ demographic.

The website was to have a:

  • Beautiful UI
    • The UI was especially important because the website was going to be tending to the youths who love all the finery and style.
  • Dark Mode Compatibility
    • Dark mode was becoming the trend it is now, and our customer considered it important that the news readers were comfortable with reading at night, while saving a bit of battery.
  • Social media compatibility
    • Being a news site, social media should be a major artery for traffic. So, our customer wanted the website to play very well with all the social media platforms.
  • Security
    • Our customer previously fell victim to a cyber attack. So he needed to know that the website will include the code to keep the bad guys out.

These and many more features were required by our customer.


The design process for us started with designing a befitting logo for the platform. We fund a way to combine the initials of the brand ‘A’ and ‘U’, in a way that transformed it into a thatch hut, which symbolizes a home.

A crop of AmeboUpdate, showing the logo.

Our design decisions were centered around building a simple and easy-to-navigate website, without sacrificing its power.

We also dedicated a lot of time and effort to build the site’s backend. We wanted news publishers to have the best time possible when posting and updating news articles. We achieved this by implementing a custom UI for the backend, adding dark mode and beautifying the analytic charts. It is so beautiful!

A snapshot of the login screen


The result was a perfect website and a happy customer. See more photos below:

A mockup of the website in both light and dark modes.

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